The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership By Bill Torbert & Associates

Don’t be seduced by every book that has leadership in the title, Action Inquiry is an academically grounded theory and practice developed by the former dean of the business school at Boston College, Bill Torbert. Action inquiry is a form of inquiring from the inside of your sense-making outward into the world that you impact, whereas traditional scientific inquiry is from the outside observation into the internal world of meaning-making. Bill and his authors masterfully, and authentically introduce you to ways of interweaving your subjective intention, an increasingly intersubjective perspective taking, with objective observation of your impact and outcomes. It sounds sophisticated, and it is, but it’s also a down to earth, practice-based awareness. It will introduce you to an academically sound form of intentional awakeness for your leadership and relationships, where you may be acting habitually and unconsciously. Bill has been a professor, mentor, dissertation committee member, and beloved friend of mine; full disclosure.

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