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Looking for a developmental perspective on how you can frame the rapidly changing reality for leadership with your team, immediately?

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Developmental Coaching

Developmental Coaching grows a leader’s perspective. In developmental coaching you will co-create your actions through a process of asking and answering powerful questions about significance, impact, and purpose. You won’t just reorganize your calendar or re-prioritize your commitments. You will reorient your mindset through deep inquiry and reinforce that mindset change with proven practices that will provide benefits well beyond the coaching relationship.

Developmental Coaching clients are better able to:

  • Self-navigate through difficult personal and professional circumstances so neither area suffers
  • Increase ownership of their own leadership style and an expanded capacity to take on the next challenge
  • Change a culture of complaining into one of commitments
  • Retain team members in alignment, release those incongruent to the purpose
  • Craft shared language for change and the process, to achieve difficult goals
  • Increase workflow efficiency by coaching people and teams to talk more directly to one another

What could this process look like?

  • Individual coaching – bi-weekly sessions for 12 months
  • Individual coaching through your sponsoring organization
  • Individual coaching for multiple members of a team in the same organization
  • Individual and group coaching for a group in the same organization, meeting individually and as a cohort
  • Professional or creative partnership coaching

Who is this for?

  • Leaders who are ready to grow past their own limiting factors of leadership, whether they’ve begun leading more people, more work streams, or a new industry or initiative.

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System Mapping Sessions

Coaching sessions specifically targeted at creating a map-like representation all your stakeholders, members, all those impacted by the decisions you make everyday. The work of this session assesses for the patterns of limiting beliefs or points of break-through reframing. These sessions find their foundations in family systems theory, analytic-network mapping, and genogram frameworks. Mapping your own system in this way gives you insights you can’t get if you remain just a feature of the map; you need to identify as the map-maker, map reader, and map user to find out where you’re stuck, where you’re strong, and where you’re ready to design forward.

Who is this for?

  • Individual leaders, teams, or organizations looking to capture the way things are working now, and ready to re-design for the way things need to work going forward.

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Organizational Consulting

Organizations know they must undergo cycles of change in order to achieve transformational growth, but most do not know how to assess for what is required to transform and grow. Together with leaders and those they lead, we adapt the consulting and design frameworks to meet organizational lifecycles, patterns, and dynamics, with full knowledge of best practices and research-based methods of organizational assessment and diagnosis.

Organizations transform, grow, and change to meet evolving industries best when they are coordinated, and when they know how adults adapt to change. This is a distinction that Developmental work brings to organizational consulting.

How does it work?

  • Organizational baseline for leadership.
  • Training workshops to create a shared understanding of strategy and implementation across any gaps identified.
  • Developmental forms of employee growth, recruitment, onboarding, evaluation, performance management, retention, conflict, diversity, inclusion, and release.

Who is this for?

  • Organizations and their leaders who are ready to create ideal, sustainable contexts for people to adapt, change, and innovate.

Develop your Organization

We’re still achieving but we’re losing less of ourselves while we’re doing it. I’m still leading, but I am remaining more of myself while I’m doing it.

When I started to work and lead this different way, it really let my team spread their wings, I’m delegating better and we’re all getting more done because I know better who I am as the leader.

This will go down in history as one of the most influential moments of my life… feeling empowered, knowing what I can realistically action to step myself closer to my goals.

When we started coaching I started to feel like me again – a version of me that I could stay all day long.

You could be right on the edge of a breakthrough. There’s one more door to kick down, Cara is ready to kick it down with you.

If I’m experiencing a major hold back, it is me that is holding up the process, it doesn’t need to be seen in a bad way. Accept it and find solutions to move forward.

This work has shown me that I don’t have to choose between being a leader and being myself.

In coaching, I slowed down to choose my commitments differently, to know why, to see how. I started to grow the mental stamina to see more perspectives.

In this work, my picture has gotten so much bigger, I realize that everything has at least an opposite side, if not a three-dimensional aspect to it. I went from a flat paper map, to a landscape in relief.

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